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Russian social network VK uses a mix of Apple emoji images and platform-native emojis on mobile devices, and also includes a subset of custom VK emoji designs on internet browsers.

Apple’s emoji set is used for all emojis recommended between Emoji 1.0 and Emoji 4.0 for all mobile devices, whether iOS or Android. A subset of these emojis are displayed within VK’s in-app emoji keyboard.

Emojis from 2017’s Emoji 5.0 onwards will display in the native emoji designs of the mobile device accessing VK.

Browser Access

When accessing VK via an internet browser, a subset for emojis from Emoji 1.0 and Emoji 3.0 are displayed with custom VK emoji designs. The majority of these custom VK emoji designs are from the Smileys & People emoji category.

Emojis from between Emoji 4.0 and Emoji 11.0 will display in Apple’s emoji designs when VK is accessed via an internet browser. Emojis from 2019’s Emoji 12.0 onwards will display on the browser’s native emoji designs.