About Emojipedia

Emojipedia is the world's #1 emoji reference site providing up-to-date and well-researched information you can trust. Our Editor-in-Chief is Keith Broni, who took the role in 2022.

Emojipedia was founded in 2013 by Australian Jeremy Burge.

Emoji names displayed on Emojipedia are official emoji names sourced from the Unicode Standard. Emoji images belong to their respective creators, and we display and archive these for the purpose of commentary and explanation.

Emojipedia is a member of the Unicode Consortium.

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Who Writes Emojipedia's Emoji Definitions?

Emoji definitions on Emojipedia are researched and written by Senior Emoji Lexicographer Jane Solomon (2020-present) and Keith Broni (2018-present).

Past definitions have been written by John Kelly (2018-2019) and Jeremy Burge (2013-2018).

Current Contributors

Keith Broni, Editor In Chief

Keith Broni is the Editor in Chief of Emojipedia. He oversees the site's day-to-day operations, which includes researching global emoji use and monitoring changes to emoji design sets.

Jane Solomon, Senior Emoji Lexicographer

Jane Solomon is Emojipedia's Senior Emoji Lexicographer and author of the children's book The Dictionary of Difficult Words.