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File hosting service Dropbox includes a custom emoji picker within its collaborative document-editing service Dropbox Paper.

Dropbox Paper’s custom emoji picker is accessed by entering a colon (:) into the body of a document.

This will prompt the emoji picker to appear, and users can then search emojis by entering text directly following the colon character (e.g. :heart).

Emojis are displayed within Dropbox Paper using JoyPixels emoji designs. As of July 2021 the platform supports Emoji 13.0 via JoyPixels 6.0.

Users are also able to add their own custom emoji characters to Dropbox Paper. At the bottom of the custom emoji picker, users can enter a custom shortcode that can be used to represent an uploaded image of their choosing. These shortcodes are then bookended by two colons (e.g. ::customemoji::).

As of July 2021 the platform comes with one default custom emoji character: the :cupcake:.